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Here's Why

Dear Valued Customer,

I wanted to take a few moments and update you as to how the pandemic has affected shipping times for furniture and mattresses. There are 3 main issues going on:

  1. In March, many businesses like ours were forced to close by the Governor to help stop the spread of COVID-19. It was important to us to keep our staff and customers safe. What most people may not have been aware of was that our vendors and suppliers from around the world were also required to close. This halted all production of furniture, mattresses, and more. As businesses have reopened, our vendors have had to reconfigure their production lines to comply with required social distancing rules. The result has been the slower production times for the furniture we sell.
  2. The demand for new furniture has skyrocketed. As everyone has stayed home and cancelled vacations they realized it was time for a new sofa or bedroom set.
  3. Mattress companies use the same material as the N95 mask to wrap their coils. Since supplies of this material is being diverted to produce masks, it is taking longer for mattresses to be produced.

This has set up the perfect storm regarding ordering products. What normally would take 1-2 weeks is now taking 6-12, weeks if not longer.

Cramers Home Furnishings tries to offer the best customer service possible, and we want you to know up front that we are doing everything we can to get product as fast as possible.

We are not alone in this. All furniture and mattress suppliers are suffering the same dilemma,

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Here are some suggestions to help you when you have decided to purchase new furniture:

  1. Plan ahead. Start considering your needs for the holidays and beyond.
  2. Place your orders now so we can reserve your place in the production line with our vendors. Waiting will only extend the delay.
  3. Have patience and understanding. We are doing everything possible to get product delivered as quickly as possible.
  4. Please remember, shipping times are an estimate and often change.
  5. Once you order, reach out to your sales associate for updates. While we cannot always speed up the process, but we can provide updates.
  6. We understand you may be tempted to cancel your order due to the length of time it is taking to receive your new furniture. Please remember, that if you cancel and decide to purchase in the near future the waiting times will probably be longer.

All of us at Cramer’s Home Furnishings know you have many choices when deciding to purchase new furniture. We appreciate your considering Cramer’s. Please know that we will do everything we can to make your experience as fun and hassle free as possible.

Marty and Michelle Cramer

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